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Charcoal Thai is a sit down restaurant whose aim is to promote communal eating amongst city dwellers. The company serves its signature self-cook, steamboat-barbeque concept of Mookata (available in buffet or as a set) amongst other specialties that include popular Steamboats, Thai Ala Carte Cuisine and Thai Street Food.

All our Franchisees are provided with a complete and reliable Franchise Business System including recipes, comprehensive cooking methods, training programme, customer service protocols, corporate identity guidelines and operational support.


Charcoal Thai offers you a Business Format Franchise which includes a well-defined corporate Identity, comprehensive support to our Franchisees including initial training, start-up and on-going support, marketing support, operations manuals and a well-defined payment scheme.

We have the infrastructure and capabilities to support you all the way through our expertise in Thai Mookata, Steamboats and Thai Cuisine, supported by ongoing R&D, established systems as well as a high standard of professionalism.


Some of the key benefits you will get to enjoy are:

  • The right to use Charcoal Thai Trademark
  • Learn how to maintain consistent and superb food quality
  • Guidelines on Restaurant exterior and interior designs
  • In-house Operations Training
  • Operations Manual providing instructions on procedures, customer service, marketing and other aspects necessary to successfully operate Charcoal Thai Restaurant
  • Comprehensive Training Programmes - Because the success of Charcoal Thai system depends on its people and uniformity of operations from Restaurant to Restaurant, the management of Charcoal Thai has designated the training of its Franchisee as its priority, making major commitments of time and resources. As a Franchisee, you will be trained in the area of Restaurant operations, production, merchandising, promotions, financial reporting procedures and personnel management.
  • Charcoal Thai has an ongoing programme for developing new products. Focused on a strong product development effort is paramount as we strive to anticipate changing customerís demands for new authentic recipes as well as dining experiences.

Other tangible benefits of our franchise offering are:

  1. You will be running your own F&B Business as your own boss.
  2. Unlike a typical independent business, you will enjoy the mentorship and support of the Franchisor who is already a proven success in this business.

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