Thai Cuisine is getting more popular nowadays. The strong aroma, unique taste and uncommon ingredients have set it apart from other Asian foods. In Charcoal Thai, you'll find mouth-watering dishes which would not fail to satisfy you in every sense.

From the delights of fiery soups, Tom Yum Gong, to the red and green curries, Charcoal Thai brings to you traditional and popularised dishes. All the ingredients used are fresh and of good quality, all thanks to the chef and staff who know and understand the importance of serving quality good ingredients.

Prawns are a regular feature of the best dishes from Thailand, and you can expect to find them used in many ways, from a stir-fry to a curry and perhaps a delicate tempura. Seafood are served in many ways, from steamed to deep fried. The good news is that all these dishes are not commonly found in Singapore as they are all flavoured with the unique ingredients and condiments used only in Thailand. So, if you want a taste of something different and uncommon, you can give Charcoal Thai a try.

Charcoal Thai brings in the nation's well-known 'steamboat', also known as, 'Mookata' to many. A standard steamboat set comes with generous heaps of vegetables and golden mushrooms, fresh slices of marinated meat for barbecuing, succulent chicken and fish balls, fresh prawns and more. Apart from the famous 'Tom Yum' broth, the soup comes in clear broth, a hearty choice for the children and those who do not take spice. Not to forget the home-made chilli dip that goes with the 'Mookata'. You just have to try it.